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We at Apologia believe that every educational subject in your home school can and should be taught from a biblical worldview built on the solid foundation of God’s Word and centered on Jesus Christ. This is why we publish award-winning Creation-based science courses for K–12, an acclaimed biblical worldview curriculum for elementary and junior high students, apologetics curriculum for high school students, outstanding online courses, and Christ-centered books and resources to encourage you and help you organize your home school. As we add new subjects to the Apologia lineup, you can be sure that our priority will always be to develop resources that enable your family to better learn, live, and defend the Christian faith.

We are a homeschooling family, and our focus at Apologia is on serving homeschooling families. Our award-winning products are designed specifically for use in the home. Apologia’s teaching philosophy is based primarily on the Charlotte Mason approach, and therefore we offer notebooking journals to accompany many of our textbooks, especially those designed for the K–6 years. Apologia’s junior high and high school courses feature academically rigorous, college-prep textbooks written directly to the student in a conversational style, a style we find works best for helping students to become independent learners in high school and throughout the rest of their lives.

Although our emphasis is on home education, Apologia textbooks have also been met with great enthusiasm in private Christian schools. We offer special purchase programs for those who minister to students through Christian schools. Visit http://christianschool.apologia.com/ to learn more.

In addition to publishing curriculum and books and offering online courses, Apologia staff and authors minister to homeschooling mothers at Real Refreshment Retreats. These special getaways are designed to affirm, encourage, challenge, and inspire homeschooling moms as we celebrate the homeschooling journey together. At these retreats the Real Refreshment team presents Bible-based, Christ-centered workshops alongside God-honoring worship and extended times of prayer where moms can be renewed and truly refreshed in the Lord’s presence. Our desire is that every mom who attends will be eager to return home more ready than ever to pursue the homeschooling lifestyle.

Apologia also provides an active Facebook page with lively discussions on many serious and light-hearted subjects. We even throw the occasional Facebook party where you can join us online for a fruitful time of questions, answers, and conversation.

If you have any questions about Apologia’s curriculum, online classes, resources, retreats, or homeschooling in general, please call our customer service team toll-free at 888-524-4724. We also welcome your feedback via e-mail at mailbag@apologia.com.

Walking by faith and enjoying the homeschooling adventure of a lifetime,

Davis is the president and owner of Apologia Educational Ministries. He and Rachael are the parents of seven. They began their homeschooling journey in 1996. Davis is also a conference speaker and children’s book author. You can read more about Davis at


Rachael is a popular conference speaker and the author of How to Have a HEART for Your Kids andSoundbites from Heaven. You can read a more about Rachael at